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AVP Minor Planner

Minor planner

The AVP minor can be completed with two tracks, one focusing on start-up entrepreneurship and one on product and opportunity development. Each track is based on a large project course. The project courses are supported by 1-2 required core courses and a large selection of elective courses (AVP electives). More information about courses is avaialble on courses page. Although most courses in the minor are cross-school courses and as such broadly accessible for students from different schools within Aalto University, please note that individual courses may have group size limits and separate application procedures.

1. Minor track

Startup track

Prototype track

Select one required project course

Select one supporting course for Prototype track. Students can take both courses by selecting one as required and another as elective.

Total credits:0

2. Electives

Support you Minor with elective courses to reach the credits required for the minor