Lean Launchpad, 5 ECTS

The Aalto Ventures Program is excited to announce the inauguration of the “Lean Launchpad” course that will run in the period V, between April 16th and May 30th, 2014!

Based on Steve Blank’s approach, the Lean Launchpad course offers teams an incredible opportunity to experience how to search for a repeatable and scalable business model in their drive to create and develop early stage ventures. Join us and explore the key elements of customer development, agile development, and business modeling through a series of sessions that provide real-life opportunities to take your startup to the next level. If you have a working team and feel passionate about your idea/startup and taking it to warp speed is something that inspires you, then this course is for you!

We invite all teams with a pre-seed idea or early-stage venture to join! Enrollment is by application only and all accepted teams get an assigned mentor from practice (business angel, VC, industry expert, etc.) plus exposure to several others during presentations and team work. Due to the aims of the course, the class is only available to teams and not individuals, so having and enrolling your own team is a pre-requisite to join the course. The work will be intense but very rewarding, so highly motivated and energized teams are a must.

The course runs simultaneously with Aalto Service Camp and there are some mutual content.So in case you are interested in Lean Launchpad, but don’t have a team, we suggest that you apply for the Aalto Service Camp (more information in Noppa).

Course staff

The course is led by a team of practitioners of entrepreneurship and startup financing, and include instructors who trained under Steve Blank.
Responsible teacher: Fabian Sepulveda
Co-teachers: Will Cardwell and Olli Vuola
Course assistant: Mikael Pernu

Applying for the course

To apply for the course, please email mikael.pernu@aalto.fi .We have a limited number of spots and the selection process is competitive, so please apply early!
Applications close April 8th!

Team selection criteria: 
1) Existing team; full team joins the course
2) Workable idea, pre-seed, or early stage startup
3) Motivation letter
4) Interview (short-listed candidates only)

Please note that this course is not using Noppa or Oodi pages.