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Insights at AVP

At AVP, students get the opportunity to gain useful skills taught by top leaders in the business world. These events are open for everyone, regardless of if you are student or not and they are free to attend.

AVP events are held every Wednesday, usually either at AVP space or Startup Sauna.

There are roughly two types of events: workshops and talks.

Workshops are more involving hands-on experiences run by a capable workshop mentor. Attendees can dive deep into certain topics and ask practical questions during the workshop.

In contrast, talks, such as AVP Thought Leaders’ Talks, require less hands-on doing from the participant and offer capabilities, inspiration, and networking opportunities for the attendee. Participants can ask questions during and after the guest-speaker presentation.


Thought Leaders Talk – Mikko Koskinen

How to create a brand for a company? What are the secrets of successful branding? In order to stand out from competitors, what do you have to do differently when creating a brand? What is the importance of a brand today? We are honored to get Mikko Koskinen to our next Thought Leaders’ Talk session! […]


AVP Masterclass – How to Network Efficiently

How to network efficiently? What you should know about networking? Do’s and Don’ts in professional networking? Join us to AVP Masterclass by Joppe Quaedvlieg to get answers to these questions and know more about professional networking! This Masterclass prepares you for networking and helps you to clear your story. You will also learn professional networking […]


AVP Masterclass – How to Invest in Stocks – part 4/4

*Stock investing masterclass final (part 4)* Valuation: Different ways to form view of value, bold and the beautiful of key ratios REGISTER HERE: Are you interested in investing? And especially in investing in stocks? Do you know how to invest in stocks, know how and where to start? AVP Masterclass, How To Invest In […]