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Insights at AVP

At AVP students get the opportunity to gain useful skills taught by top leaders in the business world.

An example of such events is the Thought Leaders Talk an inspirational project that drives students through networking and capabilities in the entrepreneurial community. Students in the events learn by interacting with participants and the guest-speaker.


AVP Startup Season Kickoff

How to succeed in an ever changing world? How to adapt when the disruption is changing the way we work, communicate and live? Why should everyone at least know the basics of entrepreneurial thinking and available tools? The academic year 2017-2018 starts with an exciting kickoff event with Aalto Ventures Program. Join us to familiarize […]


Opportunity Prototyping Summer School

AVP provides an opportunity for Aalto students to attend Opportunity Prototyping Summer School organized by NORDTEK. The summer school will be led by Peter Kelly who is having MBA from Notre Dame and PhD from London Business School. The Summer School includes two days of lectures, 14-15.6. In addition if the student would like to […]


AVP Open Lunch

Final open lunch before summer! AVP Open Lunches gather people from the Aalto startup ecosystem and students together while offering a break from studies with a great food and company. Lunches are powered by and delicious food is delivered by Epic Foods. Register here: Confirmation email will be sent for accepted. Limited seats […]