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Insights at AVP

At AVP students get the opportunity to gain useful skills taught by top leaders in the business world.

An example of such events is the Thought Leaders Talk an inspirational project that drives students through networking and capabilities in the entrepreneurial community. Students in the events learn by interacting with participants and the guest-speaker.


AVP Wednesday Workshop – Business Model Design 101

What is the role of different business models today? What means business model canvas? What different methods and possibilities is there when creating business models? How can you measure the success of your business model? Join AVP Wednesday Workshop with Maria Loktionova to get answers to these and many more questions! Business Model 101 workshop […]


AVP Breakfast at Design Factory

Let’s have breakfast together! AVP x Design Factory is welcoming you to have breakfast with us! Join us for breakfast on Tuesday 3th of October at 8:30 @ Design Factory! Price: Only 2,5 euros! If you are coming, pleace klick attending. It will be easier to estimate how much food to prepare :) P.s THERE […]


AVP Wednesday Workshop – How to talk to investors?

How to talk to investors? How to engage venture capitalists and angel investors? Are there any differences in engaging those? And in the end, how to get them to invest in your idea? Join AVP Wednesday Workshop with Moaffak Ahmad – he will share his personal experiences on funding! Moaffak is a serial entrepreneur and […]