The Aalto Fellows represents comprehensive entrepreneurship education regarding the key principles of leadership, selling, creativity and hard facts about finance and legal aspects. The program combines intensive workshops and lectures, a paid summer internship at a start-up company, venture capital or corporate venturing and ongoing mentoring and networking activities. Partnering companies have included for example Wolt,, DealDash, Finnish Industry Investment, Foodora, Oppex, Smarp, Biddle, Funzi and Smartly.

Aalto Fellows (AF) provides you with:

  • Intensive lecture series designed for Aalto Fellows
  • Learn by doing experience
  • 10 ECTS during period V, summer and period I
  • Possibility to earn credits while working in a paid job

Course Structure 

  • Part I is an intensive course given before the summer in period V by leading start-up growth experts and investors. It also includes self-assessment, workshops and recreational activities with the other students.
  • Part II during the summer and period I is a follow-up course, where the students share their experiences and expand their knowledge on how to run a growth company. The students will host and attend workshops and reflect on their learnings. In AF there is also a possibility for a study trip abroad during the fall, during which students will work further on topics related to high-growth entrepreneurship.


Intensive course on high growth entrepreneurship

The program starts with two weeks long intensive study period, which teaches the Fellows the basics of high-growth entrepreneurship. The speakers are experts in their fields and the topics cover the key principles of leadership, team building, innovation, selling, creativity, legal and finance.

“After the session, I knew a great deal more. I was able to have good discussions with other people and manage to build some good arguments – all based on one day’s learnings!“ – Jukka Kujala


Summer internship in a startup

Each Fellow will be working for a real startup or private equity company for the summer. During the summer students organize a workshop for other Fellows in his/her summer internship company to solve a real world business problem of the company.

During past three years, students were working for:
Vaaka partners · Reaktor Ventures · Stylewhile · HeiaHeia · Industry Investment · Fingertip · Frosmo · Walkbase · Spatineo · · Oppex · DealDash · Biddl · Foodora · Smarp · Funzi · Duunitori · Wolt · PlanBrothers · · Zenniz · Virta


Study trip to discover international startup ecosystem

Every year students are going abroad to learn from local entrepreneurship ecosystem. During past years students visited to Tel Aviv – Israel (2014), Cape Town – South Africa (2015) and New York & Philadelphia – USA (2016).

Previous years

Experiences from Aalto Fellows in 2016

Experiences from Aalto Fellows in 2015


How to become the next Aalto Fellow student

Aalto Fellows is targeted to all Aalto students from study year III onwards. AF aims to educate critical thinkers, who are smart and get things done. We want to make extraordinary and usual combinations of Aalto students and companies. The lectures and workshops in the end of May will prepare the students for their internship. During the internship, the students will organize and attend workshops. They are also required to reflect on what they have learned during the summer and submit a paper on their thoughts.

Application period has ended

For more information contact,
Laura Wirtavuori
Course Assistant
+358 50 5447 789

Partnering with Aalto Fellows
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