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Aalto Fellows 2015

Exciting five-month study and work program designed to develop understanding of the techniques for growing companies! The Aalto Fellows represents comprehensive entrepreneurship education regarding the key principles of leadership, selling, creativity and hard facts about finance and legal aspects. The program combines intensive workshops and lectures, a paid summer internship at a start-up company, venture capital or corporate venturing and ongoing mentoring and networking activities. Partnering companies last year included Frosmo, Vaaka Partners, Dealdash, Reaktor Polte, Stylewhile, Finnish Industry Investment, Walkbase, HeiaHeia and Fingertip. Aalto Fellows provides you:

  • Exclusive AF courses on high growth entrepreneurship
  • Learn by doing experience
  • 10 ECTS during period V, summer and period I
  • Possibility to earn credits while working in a paid job

Deadline: Apply by 31st of January 2015!

Course Structure 
Part I is an intensive course given before the summer in period V by leading start-up growth experts and investors. Part I includes self assessment, workshops and recreational activities with the other students. Part II in period I is a follow-up case course, where candidates share their experiences and expand their knowledge on how to establish and run a growth company. The students will do a case study based on their observations from the company they worked for during summer. In AF there is also a possibility for a study trip abroad during the fall. Aalto Fellows is targeted to all Aalto students from study year III onwards. AF aims to educate critical thinkers, who are smart and get things done. We want to make extraordinary and usual combinations of Aalto students and companies. The lectures and workshops in the end of May will prepare the students for their internship. During the internship, the interns will keep a journal on their observations and submit them to the faculty.

The credits from the course will be issued under course code 23C70201 and 23C70202. (TU-91.9910 code with varying course content if Business School credits don’t apply to your diploma). Please note that this course will not have Noppa or Oodi pages. These credits do not fit into Aalto Ventures Minor.

Experiences from Aalto Fellows in 2014 Want to know more? Check out what we learned and experienced in 2014!

Enrollment to the course
Act fast and fill in your details below in order to apply for the course and the summer of a lifetime! The number of participants is limited to a dozen outstanding Aalto-students. We are looking for best individuals capable of critical thinking through knowledge and experience. Please follow the next steps to apply for the course:

  • Fill to application form below by 31st of January
  • Send your CV, transcript of records and motivational letter by 31st of January to course assistant with subject “Application to Aalto Fellows”
  • We will select a maximum of 20 students to the first round. Students will be informed by the end of February whether they qualified or not.
  • The selected students will be given a long list of prospect companies to apply for an internship. Students can also apply to companies that are not on the list as long as they fit into the course description (startup, venture fund etc.)
  • The selected students should have secured their internship by mid April

For more information contact,
Marianne Vikkula,
Course Assistant, +358 45 633 8612
Please note that this course will not have Noppa or Oodi pages.