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AVP Urban Challenge is a ten day study trip in mid-September taking place in New York and Philadelphia. It is targeted to Master’s students from all six schools of Aalto and Bachelor’s students who have studied at least 2 years in Aalto.

The excursion includes a hackathon at Philadelphia University (Nexus Maximus III), Watson workshop at IBM Astor Place, customer experience training with the former US ambassador to Finland, Bruce Oreck, and much more. We won’t forget to have fun and get to know new people either!

AVP Urban Challenge will provide you with:

  • International network for your future career
  • Good comprehension of the conceptual frameworks of design thinking, business modeling, customer development and agile product development
  • Analytical skills to seize opportunities and to draft solutions for scalable businesses
  • Opportunity to experience American campus life
  • Hands-on experience on customer development
  • 10 days of being out of your comfort zone & developing your entrepreneurial mindset
  • Lots of fun

Nexus Maximus is an annual fast-paced “sprint” project at Philadelphia University. This year, participants from Aalto will work with students from all across PhilaU programs, as well as students from other institutions such as KEA in Copenhagen, Pace University in New York, and the Paris-Est d. School in France.

Participants will be broken into teams blending from first year to graduate level, with diverse disciplines on each team, and tasked with tackling a challenging global problem. This year the students will address the challenge “Personal Health – Innovation and Data – Empowerment and Control.” The team project work will be supplemented with workshops on innovation, entrepreneurship, and content relevant to the theme, delivered by experts.

AVP will cover the flight fares and the accommodation in the U.S.
Students are expected to pay for the visa, food and local transportation in Philadelphia and New York respectively.
Cancellation is not available after booking the flight

05th – 13th (+1) of September 2016

Week no.33 or no.34
@ AVP Space, 2nd floor, Otaniementie 17 ESPOO
The orientation and the individual reflection essay are compulsory
Further information will be sent to the participants later

The application is divided in two phases described below:

Sunday Midnight, May 15, 2016

For more inquiries, please contact:
Myung-gi “MJ” Suh
Global Partnerships
+358 50 4685845