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Thought Leaders’ Talks

Get inspired by leaders in top industries to jumpstart your career in entrepreneurship. TLT is a series of monthly keynote speeches with prominent entrepreneurial leaders hosted by Aalto Ventures Program.

The overarching objective is to inspire, engage and drive attendees to pursue the various opportuniries that our community enables. Watch the videos or join the events and get inspired!
TLT Videos


Thought Leaders’ Talk – Mika Anttonen

What are the global challenges of energy and especially in the field of energy business? What should be done in order to meet the challenges? How can you balance the global carbon cycle? This and much more you will learn on Wednesday, 24th of January when we are joined by the real sentient of the […]

Thought Leaders Talk – Mikko Koskinen

How to create a brand for a company? What are the secrets of successful branding? In order to stand out from competitors, what do you have to do differently when creating a brand? What is the importance of a brand today? We are honored to get Mikko Koskinen to our next Thought Leaders’ Talk session! […]

Thought Leaders Talk – Inka Mero

Inka Mero is an entrepreneur, startup investor and is a board member of several companies. Inka’s passion and core competence is starting and building new businesses. In addition to being a founder of seven companies, she has invested in 30. Inka has also been in leadership positions in several international companies, for example, Nokia, Sonera […]