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Thought Leaders’ Talks

Get inspired by leaders in top industries to jumpstart your career in entrepreneurship. TLT is a series of monthly keynote speeches with prominent entrepreneurial leaders hosted by Aalto Ventures Program.

The overarching objective is to inspire, engage and drive attendees to pursue the various opportuniries that our community enables. Watch the videos or join the events and get inspired!
TLT Videos


AVP Thought Leaders’ Talk – Nobel Laureate, Bengt Holmström

Last year’s Nobel prize in economics has been awarded to UK-born Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmström of Finland. We are honored to get Bengt as our Thought Leaders’ Talk guest! “Hart and Holmström are two of the most distinguished economists of our time”. Leonardo Felli – The head of the economics department at the London […]

How to Make an Event Like Nordic Business Forum?

Nordic Business Forum (NBF) has grown from small local business event with handful of attendees to one of the leading business seminars in Nordics with over 5,700 business executives from over 30 nationalities. The event has attracted many notable speakers, including U.S former VP and environmentalist Al Gore, the founder of Virgin Group Richard Branson, […]

AVP Thought Leaders’ Talk – Embrace Your Inner Courage

How to embrace your inner courage? What are the advantages and disadvantages of having direct opinions? How to stay true to yourself when facing tough decisions? What kind of conflicts plague family businesses? We are honored to get a strong woman leader Marjo Miettinen to our next Thought Leaders’ Talk session! Marjo is a humanist […]