Creating Multidimensional Experiences

Note: The 2020 edition of the course has been cancelled. Thank you for all who showed interest in the course! We hope to catch you at our other courses and events.

Learn to create immersive experiences in a multidisciplinary team of international students, working together towards a sustainable future.

Aalto Ventures Program offers you an online summer course, where participants from around the world come together to create multidimensional experiences. During three weeks of intensive teamwork, you will go from an idea to a validated sustainable business concept, learn by doing, and get to know and understand the startup culture. Throughout the course, you will be working efficiently in an internationally distributed team and using various digital, interactive tools, which will ensure a valuable and enjoyable learning process.

About the summer course

The course has four focus areas: understanding the culture and people, learning the methods and tools for creating sustainable experiences with a viable business model, using storytelling and pitching to make your business stand out and doing all this while taking care of one’s own wellbeing.

To create a good experience, one should understand the surrounding environment. Course participants will have a glance at the Aalto University Startup Ecosystem through virtual sessions with passionate individuals coming from some of the most innovative, sustainability-focused companies in the country.

A good experience is also good business. During the course, participants will form groups and get their hands dirty, delving deep into teamwork, entrepreneurship, design thinking, and business modeling in order to get from an idea into ready-for-pitch deliverables. Guided by industry professionals, mentors and AVP teachers, students will use an iterative process where they conduct user research of potential customers via various remote channels, working their way from the original idea to an experience that includes both digital and social dimensions – a viable, sustainable business concept.

No experience is good enough if no one knows about it. Great experiences are not only experienced, but also created together with others. The course will start by student teams coming up with venture ideas that they will work on. With the help of training provided by professional pitching coaches, groups will constantly share ideas about their ventures to the staff and other students, while also preparing for the final pitches to blow the socks off of potential investors and stakeholders. The course then culminates in a showcase, where the groups will present the concept of the ventures they have created to the international audience.

The best experiences are the ones created by people who are happy. Making something new is hard work, but working too hard often leads to everyone being worse off. The course takes a firm stand in preventing burnouts, which have become an increasingly common problem among students, especially during this challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to working on their projects, students will also learn about time management, and focus on personal wellbeing and social interaction. By the end of the course, students will not only have created a new enjoyable experience but also gone through one in a sustainable way and together with new friends! Especially, through different exercises, students will be able to turn wellbeing-boost lessons into a life-long skill.

Get a taste of our Summer School of 2019 through the lens of a participant

Thanks to Adam for the great video!

Preliminary program for 2020


Learning goals

After the course students will be able to:

  • Identify sustainable and scalable business opportunities
  • Pitch business ideas and ventures
  • Apply knowledge about user research, idea validation, business modeling, finance, and experience design for one’s endeavor
  • Practice teamworking skills in diverse teams
  • Develop remote team working skills, including utilizing different tools for team working and communication
  • Develop self-awareness and self-management skills, including time management and personal wellbeing
  • Explore thinking out of the box and being innovative
  • Think critically through an ethical and sustainable lense


Course prerequisites

This course is ideal for applications from 3rd or 4th year Bachelor students, Masters, PhD students, or students with relevant experience. However, anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship can apply!

  • Excellent command of the English language
  • Motivation to learn entrepreneurial mindset, practices, and methods
  • Successful completion of the online course Starting Up before the summer course, with this you`ll be able to receive additional 2 ECTS on top of the summer course 6 ECTS
  • A strong internet connection for remote learning
  • Good commitment to the intensive program during the three weeks

Aalto students follow the same requirements and apply using the same registration process. No tuition fee will be carried from Aalto students. We encourage students with different backgrounds to apply, since diversity leads to innovation, creativity and progress!

Application process

We use a continuous selection process: If the course fills up before the application period ends, registration will be closed earlier. Applicants who applied will be informed personally.

1. Identify which group you belong to:

Group 1: Students of Aalto University
Apply directly using the registration form.
Tuition fee: None.
Course code: TU-E4011 (Creating Multidimensional Experiences, 6 ECTS) and TU-C2090 (Starting Up, 2 ETCS).

Group 2: Students of other Finnish Universities
Apply Flexible Study Right (JOO-opinnot) from your home university, through or using a paper application (varies). The course code is TU-E4011, Creating Multidimensional Experiences / High Growth Entrepreneurship with varying content, 6 ECTS, 3.8.-21.8.2020, Autumn semester 2020.
If you get accepted to Flexible Study Right, you can apply to the course by using the registration form.
If you do not wish to apply Flexible Study Right or you don’t get the study right, you can register to the course and you’ll be charged 15€ per credit, in total 90€ as a course fee (online course is free of charge).

Group 3: Students of other Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS)
Universities of Applied Sciences are not part of the Flexible study rights system, hence you will be charged 15€ per credit, in total 90€ as a course fee.
Register for the course through the registration form. If you get accepted, you`ll receive an invoice from Aalto University during summer.

Group 4: Students outside of Finland
Follow the steps below.
The tuition fee is listed in the Fee and Application Periods section.

2. Prepare for the application process

Go through the course content and prerequisites of the course.
Prepare the necessary documents for the application.
Shoot a 3-minute motivation video.

3. Fill the registration form –

4. Wait for the result

After applying, if you are accepted, you will receive an e-mail informing of acceptance together with a personal payment link (if applicable).

5. Payment (if applicable) – Pay the course fee using the personal link.

6. Get prepared for the course

Start studying the online content, Starting Up. (2ECTS)

Set up your own study corner: quiet surroundings, clean and tidy background, technical checkup (internet connection, microphone, camera), drinks, and snacks ready.


  • As soon as the information is published, familiarize yourself with the course practicalities and ask if you are not sure!
  • You might want to avoid working on other projects during the course, as the three weeks are expected to be very intensive with a fully booked schedule.

7. We are happy to have you!

Fees and application periods

Application Deadline

June 30th, 2020*
*Application done and submitted before the date


Group 1: Students of Aalto University
Tuition fee: None

Group 2: Students of other Finnish Universities
Tuition fee: None with Flexible Study Right (JOO-opinnot)
If you do not wish to apply Flexible Study Right or you don’t get the study right, you can register to the course and you’ll be charged 15€ per credit, in total 90€ as a course fee (online course is free of charge).

Group 3: Students of other Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS)
Universities of Applied Sciences are not part of the Flexible study rights system, hence you will be charged 15€ per credit, in total 90€ as a course fee.

Group 4: Students outside of Finland

Individual application:
1000 EUR per participant
900 EUR per participant from partner universities of Aalto University
1300 EUR per life-long learner (corporate or non-student participant)

Group application: Universities can apply group pricing for groups of more than 5 participants. Please contact Mr. Ilja Riekki ( or My Nguyen ( for more information.


1. Can 1st year or 2nd year Bachelor students join the course?

Of course, you can still apply and join us if you are interested! We always welcome students with good motivation to learn about entrepreneurial mindsets to our summer program.

2. Should I have a startup idea to join the course?

No you shouldn’t! In fact, it’s better that you haven’t fallen in love for a specific startup or business idea. Oftentimes you’ll need to reiterate, pivot or otherwise modify your original idea and if you are too fixed to your idea – changing it might be painful and might cause trouble when working with a team. It might be easier to start from general interest to some phenomena, industry or problem. In AVP courses, we want to create solutions for a better future and a better world, hence we would like your ideas to tackle some of the SDG-based challenges. You can start ideating by having a look here.

Exception: If you belong to a corporate innovation or incubation team, we’ll let you stick to your idea with the notation that you need to be ready to challenge your assumptions and get ready to iterate!

3. I am not a student at Aalto University. How can I know whether my home university is a partner of Aalto University?

Depending on your field of study, you can look up for the name of your university through our database, which is available at

4. I am not a student at Aalto University, but I do study at a university in Finland. Can I join this course?

Yes, you can! If you get accepted to the course, you will receive special study rights to Aalto University and to this course. After successfully completing the course, you’ll receive a course certificate together with the transcript of records from Aalto University. If you wish to ensure that the studies are part of your degree, please apply for Flexible Study Right (in Finnish: JOO-opinto-oikeus) from your home University. You can find more information in the Application Process section or on our Registration page.

5. How long will the application process take?

Approximately 1 week after you have submitted your application, you will receive an email from us to inform the application result. If you are accepted to the summer course, we will also send instructions and a link for the payment process.

The link for the payment will typically be available for 14 days. If you need further assistance or have a special request, please feel free to contact Ms. My Nguyen (

6. Is Finnish required?

Absolutely not! The summer course, as well as every extra-curriculum, will be held in English. However, it might be fun to pick up some Finnish words when hanging out with the locals!

7. I come from/I am living in <country/city name>. Can I apply for the course?

Of course! One of the perks of online learning is that you can reach out to teachers and classmates coming from all over the world. There is no geographical restriction for this course, so you are qualified as long as you have a computer withstable internet connection, and you are able to join the sessions in real-time.

8. Will the sessions be recorded or live-streamed?

The majority of the sessions will be live-streamed with live teamwork activities, so participants are required to participatein real-time. The general timeframe of the course will be 10.00 – 12.00 and from 14.00 onwards (Helsinki time zoneGMT +3) with a few exceptions in some sessions. 

9. Are there other courses at Aalto University during the summertime?

Yes! You can find all the courses and information related to the summer at Aalto Summer.

Visiting teachers, mentors and experts

Throughout the course, you’ll be taught and mentored not only by AVP staff, but by outside experts too. We’ve gathered a vast network of professionals from companies and NGO’s to help you get a broader perspective into creativity, sustainability and business.


Lidia Borisova ,Håkan Mitts, Heidi Mikkonen, Jari Ylitalo, Jenni Kääriäinen, Johannes Kaira, Jonathan Chang, Kalle Airo, Lauri Järvilehto, Marko Turpeinen, Mike Grandinetti, Paula Schönach, Tero Hytönen, Walid Cheikh

Click the image for more info about the teachers.


Lauri Kokkila, Aape Pohjavirta, Emmi Kaipio, Håkan Mitts, Jonathan Chang, Kaisu Sutinen, Lauri Kuronen, Lotta Partanen, Mike Bradshaw, Mike Grandinetti, Peter Kelly, Tetiana Siianko, Tuomas Oksanen, Victor Lindahl

Click the image for more info about the mentors.


Kristian Ranta, Aape Pohjavirta, Ahdmed El Saed, Celik Sine, Cumar Sivakanesar Luxsacumar, Dhital Avinash, Emilia Nordlund, Fatim Diarra, Ilmi Salminen, Jonathan Chang, Lauri Kuronen, Mia-Stiina Heikkala, Mike Grandinetti, Mikko Hyle, Natalia Villaman, Niclas Sandström, Pekka Tuominen, Ronja Kärkinen, Tapio Poutiainen, Teemu Roos, Tetlana Silanko, Tiia-Maria Tenhunen

Click the image for more info about the experts.

We had so many different majors and specializations between us that the notion of competency became a personal ideal.

Adam Lim, SUTD Singapore University of Technology
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Meet the staff

Ilja Riekki

Head of Innovation & Partnerships

Lidia Borisova

Head of Education

Johannes Kaira


My Nguyen

Global Partnerships Coordinator

Jari Ylitalo

University Lecturer
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