Are you a Finnish bachelor year 1–2 student? Do you want to learn about entrepreneurship, find new opportunities and possibly make some money in the process? Look no further, Kesäbuusti is for you! 

Everyone is good at something for which someone else is willing to pay for — Kesäbuusti will help you find your own thing. Kesäbuusti is a brand-new summer course by Aalto Ventures Program, consisting of ten online meetings and taught in Finnish, which you can take either as a three or a five-credit version. During the course, which is partly based on peer learning, you will take control of your own summer, focus on recognizing your own key competencies and think about how you could use those competencies to create revenue as an entrepreneur. Additionally, you’ll learn how to easily and legally make money as a small business owner. However, attending the course doesn’t require you to set up your own business; it’s enough that you’re willing to learn more about entrepreneurship — and yourself. 

Kesäbuusti is a 10-week self-development and mentoring course. Six sessions will be in June/July and the last four sessions in August. You can take the course either as a 3-credit version by attending the June/July sessions, or as a 5-credit version by attending all of them.

There will be one 2-3 hour online session every week. During the session, we’ll go through the self-development task of the previous week, find out different ways in identifying and developing your own competences, learn more about being self-employed and entrepreneurship and prepare for the following week’s task.

Between sessions you’ll work independently on the weekly tasks.

Workload per week is approximately 3 hours of online sessions and 10 hours of independent work.

Please do note that the course is taught in Finnish. You can find Finnish info about the course from MyCourses.

Meet the staff

Håkan Mitts


Heidi Mikkonen


Johannes Kaira

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