AVP Minor with HOPS

Aalto Venture Program Minor

The AVP minor seeks to inspire and provide students with insight and experience needed to build bold new ventures either as new independent startup companies or within existing companies. In AVP you’ll learn by doing together with people from various backgrounds and nationalities. This will teach you practical ‘street smarts’ for starting new ventures, which is one of the best ways to making an impact in real life.

The AVP minor can be completed with two tracks, one focusing on start-up entrepreneurship and one on product and opportunity development. Each track is based on a large project course. The project courses are supported by 1-2 required core courses and a large selection of elective courses (AVP electives).

Although most courses in the minor are cross-school courses and as such broadly accessible for students from different schools within Aalto University, please note that individual courses may have group size limits and separate application procedures.

Students of Industrial Engineering and Management cannot include AVP in their degree as the required technology-related minor, but can include it as a second minor instead of elective studies.

How to register for AVP Minor

Instruction for student:

  1. Use Minor Planner to design your AVP Minor. Depending on your degree structure, credit requirement might variate.
  2. Include AVP Minor into your study plan (oodi.aalto.fi):
    1. Select any option in your HOPS structure, for example “Minor at a technical school in Aalto University”step-1step-2
    2. Search for a Minorstep-3
    3. Find AVP Minor using SCI3019 codestep-4
    4. Include AVP Minor into your study plan
    5. You’re awesome if you managed to come to this step!
  3. Approve your HOPS with study coordinator and attach approved HOPS to the following registration form:
    1. Print button inside your study plan
    2. Create PDF
  4. Fill in and submit the form.
  5. Student and study coordinator of their own degree program agree to include the minor into the degree (there is no need to contact AVP at this point) using the minor code SCI3019.
  6. The study coordinator informs AVP (Kalle Airo, kalle.airo@aalto.fi) and student via email that the student can include the minor into their degree using the minor code SCI3019.

For any enquiries please contact AVP Program Manager, Kalle Airo +358 50 409 6241, kalle.airo@aalto.fi. For urgent or immediate enquires feel free to call him directly during office hours.

Minor planner

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Registration form

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Additional information

Depending on the year when student got his study right at Aalto University, s/he has different options to include AVP as Minor to their degree.

Students with study right from 2014-2015

Students with study right from 2015-2016

Students with study right from 2016-2017