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Welcome to AVP Space! This is where we work, but we don’t use all the rooms all the time — we, too, have lives, you know. You’re welcome to use the meeting rooms and the classroom whenever we’re not, but beware: if we have a lecture starting, we will kindly ask you to scram. If you want to make sure you’re undisturbed, there are two rooms you can book in advance: lecture hall “Juniper” and meeting room “Meadow.” If you’d like to book either of the spaces, please email us at spaces-avp@aalto.fi. Make sure to include the name of your event and a contact person!

All the rooms have screens and/or whiteboards, markers and other things you might need. Feel free to use anything, but please leave them nicely for the next users.

Close by our spaces, you can find a coffee area and a fully equipped kitchen with not one but two fridges. The kitchen is free to use; just make sure you clean up after yourself! You’re also more than welcome to come and have a chat with anyone working at AVP — they just might buy you a coffee!

Available spaces


Juniper is a 100m2 lecture room with stackable chairs, foldable tables and two large screens. It fits around 50 people with tables and 70 without. The room has six small breakout rooms connected to it that are included in the booking. Each breakout room fits up to 6 people and has a different setting that seems to vary on a daily basis. It's like Hogwarts, but with fewer giant snakes in the walls.

Booking instructions


Meadow is a 55m2 meeting room with stackable chairs, foldable tables and one large movable screen. It fits comfortably around 20 people with tables and 40 with just chairs. The big windows let in plenty of light and let you stalk whoever enters or exits the building.

Booking instructions

Group work rooms

Truffle, Porcini, Puffball, Wood Ear, Chanterelle and Toadstool are small meeting rooms that also act as breakout rooms for Juniper. They are booked together with the lecture room, but you can use them separately whenever they are free, and we don't have a class in Juniper.

AVP Lounge

The centerpiece of our space is the AVP Lounge. This space is not bookable, but you can use it whenever to study, work or just chill. In the cabinet under the TV, you can find a PS4 — ask someone from the staff to open it for you. But beware: they might challenge you to a round of CTR.

Any questions? Check our space booking guide!