AVP Stories

For me personally my entrepreneurial education gave an exposure to see how it is like to be an entrepreneur. J.R. Johnson

Entrepreneur, Investor, Advisor and Lawyer

AVP just made my dream to come true step by step. Melissa Weng

CEO & Co-founder, Kanssani

Entrepreneurial Experience course was about actually getting things done. Paavo Vallas

CEO & Founder, Särki

I would definitely recommend Aalto Ventures Program for people who aspire to be founders. Mikko Ikola

Co-founder, Ambronite

I started thinking what value do external investors bring to startups and what is their impact on startups’ performance. Martim Gois

CEO & Co-founder, Totem

Aalto Fellows was definitely my best course in Aalto. It paved the way for me to entrepreneurship and gave access to the local startup scene. Jesse Tran

CEO & Co-founder, FactoryFinder

For me Aalto Ventures Program has been really beneficial in terms of the different stories you can learn from. Riku Lindholm

COO & Co-founder, Blooming

I would really recommend trying entrepreneurship in some way. Jesse Nieminen

IT Student of the Year 2013