Aalto Ventures Program Summer Experience

Aalto Ventures Program, invites bachelor and master’s students with interest in entrepreneurship to 4-week-long summer experience.

Over the period of 4 weeks, we guide students through the first steps from having an idea to having a business and networking within our world leading student-run startup ecosystem.

Summer experience is open to students from any discipline, the teams will be multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary methods will be applied.

Dates. 30.7.-24.8.2018

Location. Aalto University’s campus, Helsinki Finland.

Price. 2 800€ per participant.
Covers courses/teaching and evening program related costs. Doesn’t include accommodation or insurance.

Grant. Students from Tsinghua university can apply for a grant, covering their traveling costs. Contact tino.kantola (at) aalto.fi for more information.

Eligbility. University student, bachelor or master’s. Sufficient English to follow teaching and participate in group projects. No background information required on entrepreneurship.

Application. Deadline for application is 11:59am GMT +2:00 Friday 29th of July.

“This is also my first time to work with a real case. It could be hard to imagine you were asked to do a case of such a big company if you were in China. We need to do a lot of researches and interviews to handle this real case in the real market. The results we got from the real market are usually beyond our imaginations and knowledges, and this is exactly the meaning of practice.”

Dai Huiyang

Aalto Summer School 2017 participant

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AVP Summer School consists of three elements:

Design Your Business (5 ects)  

Course covers concepts and practical tools that help students through their journey from an idea to having business plan ready for pitching. Concepts covered during the course include, but is not limited to, are

  • Effectuation: “How great entrepreneurs think” 
  • Team building and group and social cohesion: a weekend in the woods 
  • Designing and executing an interview 
  • Business Model Canvas  
  • Idea validation 
  • Pitching and presentation skills  

Leadership and design thinking (2 ects) 

  • Exploring various design frameworks 
  • Leadership as interpersonal phenomena 
  • Reflecting one’s characteristics as leader and a member of a team 
  • Cultural issues in hierarchy, leadership and governance 

European startup culture and networking in the ecosystem 

  • Introduction to business culture in Europe 
  • Exploring local startup scene and meeting entrepreneurs 
  • Introductions and networking with local ecosystem, startup hubs, accelerators, companies and organizations 
  • Extracurricular activities with local and international students, local student organisations and Aalto university ecosystem

Full 4 week program

(Click on image for downloadable PDF schedule)

Enrollment closed for summer 2018.

”Only facing the (cultural) differences directly could you understand why there are culture shocks and how you can deal with them. Eventhough it is hard, it is valuable.” 

Finland has the most effective universities in the World.

Finland is one of the World leaders in spending to R&D per GDP.

The Greater Helsinki is the most locally connected startup ecosystem in the World.

Finland has been named the happiest country in the World.

Aalto Ventures Program (avp.aalto.fi) provides students inspiration, capability and network necessary to build new scalable businesses as startups or in established organizations. In Aalto University, Aalto Ventures Program organizes entrepreneurship education in form of 20 courses, keynote speeches and other activities.

Education in Aalto Ventures Program (AVP) is integrated to practice and local industries. We value passion for exploration, freedom to be creative and critical, courage to fail and succeed and learning by doing. AVP courses often include students working in teams on real business ideas or even working with companies.