Becoming a partner to Aalto Fellows

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Looking for new people to join your team for the summer or for a longer period? Aalto Fellows can tell about your company to top students, inspire them to apply and give them some tools to perform well through entrepreneurship education.

The Aalto Fellows represents comprehensive entrepreneurship education regarding the key principles of leadership, selling, creativity and hard facts about finance and legal aspects. The program combines intensive workshops and lectures, a paid summer internship at a start-up company, venture capital or corporate venturing and ongoing mentoring and networking activities. Partnering companies last year included DealDash, Finnish Industry Investment, Foodora, Oppex, Smarp, Biddle, Funzi and Smartly.

Becoming a partner company for Aalto Fellows is simple. If you are a start-up, venture capital or corporate venturing company and can imagine hiring a student for at least the period of the summer, get in touch with us.

What partnering with Aalto Fellows gives you?

Basically we advertise your company and your open positions, if you already know them, to our carefully selected top students. They in turn apply to the companies they are interested in. Partnering is non-binding, so you are not obliged to offer a job to an Aalto Fellows student even if you partner with us. What you can get is an excellent recruit and getting top students to hold a workshop on an issue relevant to the company.

What we ask in return?

The students should get a paid internship/job.

Got interested?
Contact the course assistant Laura Wirtavuori.
+358 50 5447 789