Professor Vic Stanton visited Aalto University and Aalto Ventures Program in the end of August as a part of the partnership between Aalto and Stanford Technology Ventures Program. Vic Stanton is an Consulting Associate Professor at Stanford where he teaches accounting. In Aalto he made good connections by meeting faculty from Aalto Ventures Program, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management as well as Department of Accounting.

Vic has an extensive track record working in startups. In Aalto, he was especially impressed by student driven start-up enthusiasm and how it has generated several activities around the university. During his visit he gave an inspiring talk for students at Startup Sauna and he also talked at Aalto Executive Education Venture Capital class. He participated an event where startups piched their business ideas for the panel and 40-50 angel investors and venture capitalists. Inside Aalto he shared his best practices in the field of teaching.

Vic Stanton is third visitor from Standford in 2013. Cooperation has been in business since 2011 and AVP has hosted together 13 visitors so far. Next visitor, Rebecca Edwards, from Stanford Technology Ventures Program will visit AVP and Aalto University on week 39 in September.

Original story can be found inĀ Aalto Inside