There are two great courses starting in the second period. If you haven’t chosen all of your courses yet you might want to check these out. Actually, even if you think you have chosen the courses for period II you might even want to consider changing your plans after reading more about these.

TU-91.2045 Design & Innovation in Context
The principle aim of the course is to expose and sensitize participants to discover the power of “design thinking”. To many, design thinking is invoked when a product or experience offering needs to “look right” or “feel right”. In this course, we want you to embrace design thinking as an approach that any successful entrepreneur should employ – a highly intuitive, customer obsessed, deep dive perspective on solving problems or challenges in compelling and meaningful ways. To be clear, the principle aim is not to train people to be designers, rather, to embrace the power of design thinking as a catalyst for innovation.

TU-91.2046 Managing Innovative Sales
The principal objective of this course is to give students a general but thorough understanding of the area of innovation selling and sales management for both professional and academic purposes. This includes developing an interest in the area of sales, understanding the dynamics and challenges in organizing sales work and the ability to analytically evaluate and solve sales-related issues.

Managing Innovative Sales is possible to complete as a 6 or 3 credit course. The difference between the courses is case work that is included in the 6 credit course but not in the 3 credit course.

Read the brochure for more info!