The Entrepreneurship faculty at Aalto University School of Business and the Aalto Ventures Program are happy to invite you to enroll in our “Venture Formation” course!

The course offers an incredible opportunity for multi-disciplinary teams to experience how to create new ventures. Join us and explore the key factors of start-up formulation through stimulating sessions and case studies that provide real-life opportunities for analysis, planning, and decision-making! Real ventures have emerged in previous sessions of this class at Aalto and Stanford University, and this is one of the course’s key drivers !! Now it is your opportunity to do the same!

Some student testimonials from previous sessions:
“easily the best course I have taken at Aalto”
“Beautifully practical. Amazing entrepreneurial”
“The course really gives you the tools to build your own venture”
“The teaching team and visiting lecturers were also awesome”
“the mentorship was awesome”
“Constant feedback”
“Brilliant combination of American and European entrepreneurship realities, concepts and advice”
“The highest educational value out of all the courses I’ve taken”

If you like to work in teams, have a passion for coming up with new innovative ideas, and creating a new venture is something that inspires you, please send an email to to apply for this course. We have a limited number of spots and the selection process is competitive, so please apply early! Students who already have a venture idea will have an advantage over applicants who do not. We also encourage students who already have an early startup and/or a working team to apply and use their startup as part of the course.

Student selection criteria

1) Experience and competence in entrepreneurship and/or potential in innovations
2) Motivation to study (motivation letter)
3) Suitability of the previous credits: A full Bachelor Degree or in an advanced stage ( >120Credits) of the Bachelor degree
4) International studies and experience
5) Interview/skype call (short-listed candidates only)

Venture Formation in Noppa