In spring 2014 the IPR course (T-76.5750 Seminar on Law and Technology) is focusing on IPR strategies for startups and ventures. Join the course and prepare your own IPR strategy as the course assignment. Come to hear lectures about IPR strategies, contracts, successful cases, changes in IPR law and much more. This is a compact package of IPRs for entrepreneurs, venture and startup managers and anyone who wants to profit from his/her inventions and intellectual property.

Intellectual property rights and innovation are some of the most important aspects of modern global business. Innovation is the fundamental driver of competitiveness. Innovations are transformed into profitable businesses through exploiting intellectual property rights (IPR). Technological invention and innovation is uncertain and risky but it can be managed. The IPRs are used in a very different way in small and large companies.For success it is important to understand the strategies, tools and techniques for managing IPR and innovation.

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