The collaboration between Tongji and AVP is going on at full pace, as our joint minor, Tongji Innovation & Venture Minor Program (TJIV), has started and raised a lot of interest in Tongji. AVP teachers Timo Nyberg and Olli-Pekka Mutanen have been teaching on the course with excellent feedback!

”We found the Tongji students to be greatly motivated in the TJIV minor program and in international cooperation” explains Timo Nyberg. About 40 students are actively participating the pilot courses jointly organized by Aalto University. The first lectures organized by Aalto had Swedish, Finnish, Dutch and Chinese business cases. During the vivid discussions it became evident that Chinese have great entrepreneurial mindset already and they are constantly looking for new opportunities in both small local and gigantic global opportunities. “There is much to learn for both the students and teachers” Timo concludes.

The pilot TJIV minor program started in end of February 2014 with business modeling and opportunity recognition. The next topics in fall 2014 will cover venture management including intellectual property strategies, fast growth and internationalization. “We are excited about the cooperation with Tongji students and faculty, there are lots of opportunities to collaborate in education and research” explains MSc Yvonne Shen from Aalto University, who is assisting in organizing the TJIV minor program in Shanghai and the intellectual property courses at Aalto in Finland.

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Timo Nyberg, Olli-Pekka Mutanen, and Christian Fruhwirth from AVP with Tongji students