The Aalto Fellows Program (AFP) has now reached the next phase: the intensive study phase is over and the students have now started working in the participating companies. Each company will host all Fellows in an educational excursion during the summer and the first one was organized yesterday by Frosmo!

The excursion included an crash course on selling, pitching and cold calling. The CEO of Frosmo, Mikael Gummerus, talked about the growth of Frosmo and essentials of selling, followed by a talk and excercises about pitching and cold calling by Aalto Fellow Anthony Jones. Also sales manager of UK Alexander Vieler-Porter and sales manager of France Arnaud Gantier gave their thoughts about the topics.

Overall, the excursion was very intensive and fun. Great creativity was shown when everyone wrote Pixar pitches and rhyming pitches for their companies – here’s one written for Frosmo:


”As eCommerce conversions don’t glow,
Frosmo makes your revenues grow!”


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First excursion was exiciting!

Aalto Fellows at the Frosmo office, notice the great demonstration of “power posing” by the CEO, Mikael Gummerus!