Recently six students from Aalto University travelled to Nice for the Startup life learning event orgainsed by European Innovation Academy (EIA). EIA is a nonprofit educational organization that brought the brightest students and startups to Nice, France, for a collaborative three week session on startup training and mentoring. The event invited startup mentors from the startup hubs of the world namely Silicon valley, Helsinki, Berlin. During these three weeks EIA students got a comprehensive overview of the different working areas of start-up and about entrepreneurship.

Students from the event report to us excitedly, informing us of the happenings. Irena says, “The whole atmosphere of EIA with loads of smart people from different educational and cultural background under the same roof for 3 weeks was one of the most exciting parts of the program”. During the event students collaborated with people of diverse background, working on challenging problems with the motto “Never give up, at least until you push your limits beyond what you usually do”.
Mentors like Ken Singer from UC Berkeley, Alina Adams from Santa Clara University and Takuo Suzuki from Google are world renowned coaches. They taught valuable lessons to students about incorporating learning to professional and personal life. The program was guided by the principals of startup accelerators and their methodologies. One of the student participant quotes about the trip saying, “This program was definitely worth the investment. Considering all the pros and cons this program was very inexpensive! This was a better learning experience than my exchange or either one of my internships abroad.”

For more information about this event visit the link here