Previous AVP student Melissa Weng, originally from Shanghai, is currently CEO at design company KANSSANI. She has always been dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur. While other kids were asking sweeties and video games from their parents Melissa asked some pieces of cotton cloths to make purses and sell them. Melissa has had ideas about beautiful and useful notebook designs already for over two and half years but she did not know how to implement them. She was wondering where she should start the whole process.

“AVP just made my dream to come true step by step.”

Melissa has been studying IDBM as her major and AVP as minor. During her AVP courses she gained wider understanding of how to start and run a successful business. She has taken four courses from AVP: Opportunity Prototyping, Entrepreneurial Experience, Strategies for Growth and Renewal and Entrepreneurial Finance. During the Entrepreneurial Experience course she tested her business idea, made prototypes and even test marketed and sold the products for actual customers. At the beginning of her entrepreneurial career Melissa had difficulties of finding a team in order to establish a company. She was looking a team member for a quite long time but later she met Jouni Kari through AVP and they ended up to have a lunch together.

“I suddenly found common goals and values with other AVP student and we decided to team up and continue further with the idea.”

Jouni is the COO of KANSSANI and he has been studying Mechanical Engineering as major and ITP and AVP as minors. According to Jouni, AVP was the most fascinating part of his studies. Jouni had already some experience in startups beforehand but by attending AVP’s course Entrepreneurial Leadership he realized that he really would like to focus on entrepreneurship. During the course Jouni learnt that failures are steps on the path of learning.

“Entrepreneurial Leadership was one of the most inspiring courses I have ever attended. I learned a lot about myself and self leadership.”

Melissa’s and Jouni’s company KANSSANI is designing ecological and beautiful products. They have found out that taking notes on notebooks is helping people to learn and remember things better. Thus, they are currently focused on producing design notebooks. Currently they are also discovering if they should expand another product segments.

Lastly, for those students who are interested in entrepreneurship, Melissa and Jouni would like to say:

“Never think about to be a millionaire to start a company. Instead, when you really want to create value for some potential customers, society and for the whole world, take actions right away. And AVP would be the best place to start with.”

Check out the video of the below to hear what Melissa and Jouni said about their experiences with AVP.

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