Aalto Ventures Program students visited Phila. U’s Nexus Maximus II (NM2) event. NM2 brings together students from a broad range of disciplines to work on global problems. This year the topic of the challenge was ‘Health for Life – Birth to College’.21511423920_d3ddb132b7_o

Jenni Kaarne, an Aalto U. student mentions that the whole process of travelling to Phila. U. and brainstorming on solution inspired her to work on important problems. This process also helped her overcome her inhibition to interact with new people. Jenni’s team ended up creating a novel solution for pregnant mother transportation that was recognised by other teams as well as the judges.

Petteri Kallinen another AVP student, talks to us that about trying of raise funds to funds for his trip to Phila. U. Since he could not afford to pay the complete trip by himself, Petteri took the initiative of approaching funding agencies to convince them to provide him with the necessary travel funds. This learning later helped him in the process of brainstorming at Nexus Maximus when thinking practically about the feasibility of some of the ideas. During this trip Petteri realised the importance of team work and the value of people from different background, this which eventually led to the team creating a high quality solution. He remarks NM2 as one of the best courses he has taken at Aalto University.

Finally, at the end of the Nexus Maximus II event Olli, as a representative of AVP, awarded Aalto Ventures Program award to ‘The Most Entrepreneurial Spirit’ team.

Congrats guys!