Want to have your case on intrapreneurship & corporate venturing analysed by students of strategy? This is your opportunity!

If you are a medium or large size company (>300 employees and operating for more than 10 years) interested to get a better understanding of how your company can become more entrepreneurial or improve its venturing performance, then these student projects might be of interest to you.

Our students at the Master’s Program in Strategy (Degree in Technology) will work this semester in two kinds of projects related to intrapreneurship and corporate venturing, which could be applied to your company, as part of their Strategies for Growth and Renewal course.

For more information, see this document:

Aalto_Student Project__Strategies for Growth and Renewal_Call to companies

or contact Dr. Marina Biniari (marina.biniari (at) aalto.fi) / 050 44 19 093 or Dr. Mikko Jääskeläinen (mikko.jaaskelainen (at) aalto.fi ) / 050 59 23 470