Changing the world and doing something on a global scale are some of the main reasons Kristian Ranta has chosen the path of entrepreneurship. That path is sometimes lonely and it’s definitely harder than some others, but it’s really the high impact path as well.

Kristian is something people would call a serial entrepreneur. For him, entrepreneurship is not something you do because you didn’t find a job or because you happened to come up with one good idea. For him, it’s a lifestyle, a choice. His previous company, Mendor, has become highly successful in reducing the burdens of diabetes.

“If you are an entrepreneur, you can really change the world.”

Now, he’s the co-founder and CEO of, a healthcare and wellness company aiming to help people to change their behaviour to the better and be healthier with the help of technology.

Before founding Blooming, Kristian studied at Aalto University and, together with Blooming’s co-founder and COO Riku Lindholm, they got involved with Aalto Ventures Program.

At AVP, they heard the stories of numerous other entrepreneurs and were able to learn from their challenges. These stories, Riku says, have been very beneficial when trying to avoid doing the same mistakes people have done before you.

“Aalto Ventures Program has been really beneficial in terms of different stories.”

For Riku too, entrepreneurship is about making a difference. Even before founding his first company, he has practiced “high impact thinking” which is about thinking how one can change things with minimum effort, but moving the needle as much as possible. When working for someone else can be great, it gives you less possibilities in really making a change and achieving something truly great. That’s why people should ask themselves: what is the best thing I can do?

While entrepreneurship may be a tough path, Kristian encourages people to think about the worst thing that could happen. Given the safety net in Finland, even the worst is actually not that bad. If you fail, you can always try again. That’s why, if you have even the slightest interest, you should forget your fears and give it a shot.

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