On December 10th, 2015, TBWA & AVP, organised the first of a series of workshops about disruption. TBWA is so passionate about disruption, they work with companies like AirBNB and Nike, to bring new experiences to millions of customers globally. They have even registered the word “disruption”! The theme of the workshop was to think differently. How to do things that are unconventional and create game changing experiences. 

For the workshop, the attendees have been divided into groups and were assigned to a series of tasks:

  • Choose an industry
  • Identify what is being done currently
  • List what frustrates people now
  • Imagine a company or choose an existing one
  • Create an inspiring vision
  • Describe the “unconventional” ways you will use to disrupt this industry

Later on, joined by digitalist pioneer Ville Tolvanen, the teams built their ideas fast and presented the results to everyone. AVP members had the pleasure of joining the teams and being part of the workshop. Stay tuned in our website, for the next TBWA workshops, in 2016.