The world is facing unprecedented challenges. News about refugees. News about climate risks. News about rapid changes in the economical landscape. In what ways can we face the challenges? In my opinion the best way is implementing the best leadership that is humanly possible.

Panelsession1I was so lucky to find a course that definitely was the best course I have ever taken: The Entrepreneurial Leadership Course, lectured by Aino Tenhiälä. The background work that has been done by Aino and many many others is plain astonishing. The core of the course was analyzing 6-10 pages long cases. The cases have been hand selected from a very exquisite group of Finnish high growth ventures. So as a student the task was to make a comprehensive analysis of the case that was the task of the day. What is even better, the framework that Aino had chosen for the students to be used in the analysis is plain magnificent. Noam Wasserman from Harvard has published a book called Founder’s dilemmas. These very dilemmas are studied and used as the framework for the analysis. Also some other high quality frameworks are at use: E.g. the concept of ”Level five leadership” by Jim Collins. Since I’ve had the possibility of studying with case teaching method at Aalto School of Economics, done by the Harvard Business school, I am humbly stating that Dr. Aino Tenhiälä has reinvented the wheel. The method of case teaching is enhanced magnificently. The very same high growth venture founders whose companies the students analyzed, came to discuss with the students about their journey, about their life in the startup, about their key learnings to be shared with the students. Powerful! To see with your very own eyes and sense and discuss with the founders. Invaluable. First of all, you suddenly realize that it is possible. At the same time you get the understanding of what kinds of strengths the successful founders have found within themselves and what kinds of emphasis they have seen crucial for them finding the right path through the maze of options in the sometimes murky, sometimes sunny forest of startup life. Panelsession2

The EL Course has been very transformative for me. Finding that spark to aspire constantly for the better. Kindling those early embers into brighter fire. The EL course opened my eyes to a vast horizon where the sky is the limit. Jouni Kari, EL course student, 2014.