During the summer of 2018, Aalto Schools and AVP will send six degree students to the European Innovation Academy (EIA) entrepreneurship program. The program covers everything you need to know to start your own company, ranging from team formation to value proposition testing to financial strategy. Real-world business leaders from well-known companies such as Google and Lamborghini will be available to advise you during the three-week program!

Students will have the opportunity to select between two programs:

For more detail about what is in store, check out the official EIA web page: https://inacademy.eu/

Experiences from EIA 2017

EIA 2017 Portugal

“The EIA has ended and it was time to go home. It was very hard to say goodbye, but I never expected to leave with so much. I am so glad and happy to have met so many amazing people, to have worked alongside the brightest, most passionate and determined people, and to have been a part of something so amazing.”

EIA 2017 Italy

”I just got back home and it’s safe to say that these were the quickest three weeks of my life.”

EIA 2017 Portgual

“The program is 3 weeks (15 days) long starting with team forming. There were over 100 ideas narrowed down to 53 ideas, which means 53 teams with 5 members were formed. The world is summarized into one place where people come from all over world with different nationalities and cultures. Diversity is really appreciated. During the day, we had lectures with professional speakers.”


Want to apply?

Each participating school is entitled to select their students for 2018’s summer school. For more information about your school’s application process, please see below:

Aalto School of Electrical Engineering Deadline Thursday 15 February 2018

Aalto School of Chemical Engineering Deadline Sunday 4 March 2018

Aalto School of Arts, Design, and Architecture Deadline to be announced


For more information, please contact:

Markus Kirjonen
Global Partnerships
Aalto Ventures Program