Be a key contributor to an ambitious high-tech project, which aims to be spin-out by core contributors after the project. Get first-hand experience in developing a new business based on cutting edge Computer Science based technologies.

A project that is applying for funding from Tekes is looking for an entrepreneurial dynamo who could become part of the founding team of a potential spin-out from Aalto. The task would be to devise a business and go-to market plan for the services and products of the project.


Desired skills:

  • Excels in networking and communication in order to communicate effectively with stakeholders
  • Familiarity with introduction of new technologies into relevant markets and customers
  • Business or management experience in the IT industry, preferably in information systems
  • An entrepreneurial mindset

Note that Aalto is not looking for consultancy, rather a team member for future spin-out.


What is the project about?

Aalto is creating breakthrough technology EIAI, Engineered Information Systems with Artificial Intelligence. It can automatically synthesize full-stack code from high-level formal specifications of any information systems. EIAI can save tremendous amount of labor work of coding and system optimizations.

This technology arises from cutting-edge information technology research, including machine learning and AI, developed at the Department of Computer Science of Aalto University. EIAI technology is now being developed towards commercially available technology enabling very efficient construction of software systems that are intelligent, robust and flexible.

EIAI technology markedly differs from existing products in the IS space. Unlike product families like SAP NetWeaver or IBM WebSphere, our EIAI based product is not a toolbox of services to be used by programmers. Instead, it automates programming work for many important forms of information systems. Further, in contrast to business rule systems such as IBM ILOG jRules or workflows/business process products, EIAI covers the whole software stack.


How to apply?

Send your CV for Peter by 26th of February.

Feel free to contact Peter with any questions.

There is an opportunity to undertake this work for credit under the Aalto Ventures Program course TuE4011 High Growth Entrepreneurship with varying content under the supervision of Professor of Practice Peter Kelly AND subject to grant approval from Tekes paid employment.