Back in his head, Mikko Ikola always knew that he wanted to be an entrepreneur one day. Now, he’s living the life he imagined for himself, running his own company and helping people to not only survive but thrive through life with Ambronite, the drinkable supermeal noted by for example Time Magazine.

Mikko has always found pleasure in inventing something new, and feeling the excitement from somebody benefitting from his creation. He thinks that if you have these qualities, entrepreneurship is a pretty natural way of pursuing yourself and your passions.

At Aalto Ventures Program, we encourage people to do just that; to create something new and to chase one’s passion in doing one’s own thing.

“Entrepreneurial Leadership is simply the best,
the most value-adding course I’ve enrolled in Aalto”

Two and a half years ago when Mikko was still a student and AVP was a new program, he enrolled to Entrepreneurial Leadership, one of the courses AVP still offers today. To him, the course was the best and the most value-adding course he ever took in Aalto University.

During the course, Mikko got a chance to ask a lot of difficult questions from many successful founders, and learn from their stories. He was also able to take these learnings into practice soon after, since just a few weeks after the course, he and his co-founders founded Ambronite.

“I would definitely recommend
Aalto Ventures Program
for people who aspire to be founders”

Being a student is a great time to prepare oneself for becoming a founder. Mikko points out that there are numerous activities available at Aalto which can be useful when considering entrepreneurship: Taking part in Aalto Entrepreneurship Society, going to AVP courses and events and just meeting new people from different fields. All these things can lead to founding a company, which can make a difference in everyday lives of people. And most of all in the lives of its founders.

Check out the video of the interview below to hear what Mikko said about his experiences with AVP.

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Published by Tommi Byman