Take part in ICSB 2018!

AVP is looking for students to take part in ICSB Academy 2018! Held in Taiwan this year, the Academy a week-long entrepreneurship education program. The week consists of a 3-day entrepreneurship bootcamp, followed by 3 days of participation in the ICSB World Conference. Teams are formed around ideas at the event, so participants are not required to have a venture idea at the start.

  • When: June 24th – June 29th
  • Where: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Flights and accommodations: Covered
  • Application deadline: May 3rd, 2018

Apply now: HERE

ICSB Academy (https://www.icsbacademy.com/2018-cohort/)

The Academy is an entrepreneurship education program consisting of an immersive cross-cultural and experiential boot camp followed by activities and workshops in conjunction with the 2018 ICSB World Conference.

The content is organized into learning modules that cover fundamental entrepreneurial concepts. Participants are paired with mentors, ranging from distinguished academics to venture capitalists, and are provided with insights and advice regarding their ideas. The academy also provides exposure to the latest developments in entrepreneurship science and offers a great opportunity to expand one’s global professional network.

The program includes:

  • Guest entrepreneurs as speakers (each morning – meet with an entrepreneur session)
  • Case studies and success stories
  • Learning modules on fundamental concepts and tools to help participants to identify entrepreneurial opportunities and design a new venture
  • Team working under the guidance of experienced, international mentors
  • Integrated workshops and sessions during the ICSB conference
  • Companies and cultural visits
  • Social program

Working in teams, Academy students will have to develop an entrepreneurial concept through a lean start up approach to the design of a new venture based on the creation, testing, and revisions of the fundamental building blocks of the business model that is needed to implement the idea.

ICSB World Conference (www.icsb2018.com)

The International Council for Small Business (ICSB), founded in 1955, is a global network to promote the development of knowledge in small business and entrepreneurship. It works to deliver programs, workshops, training sessions and certifications to encourage knowledge sharing. ICSB organizes the ICSB World Conference annually, bringing together the world’s foremost experts and though leaders in entrepreneurial research.

Apply now: HERE

If you have questions or want more information, feel free to reach out!

Markus Kirjonen
Aalto Ventures Program, International Relations