Students get to learn both from their teachers and their peers


This exam week marked the halfway of our Startup Experience course. Students have so far learned a lot about creating new business ideas, understanding customer insights and how to run startups. And all this has happened through traditional lectures as well as varying, hands-on exercises.

Students also get to learn from each other. The other day a Startup Experience student Gijs Wissing held a lecture for his peers about engaging with strangers and the art of selling. He has gained a lot of experience from sales and is very confident with it after working as a sales trainer of a charity. He mostly worked on door-to-door sales and therefore knows a lot about meeting new people on a daily basis.

Gijs, what motivated you to share your knowledge with your peers?

I like helping people learn! I also used to work as a homework tutor.

They say the best way to learn yourself is to teach others. Peer teaching reinforces the learning of both the one teaching and the ones being taught. Especially when it comes to a practice many feel uncomfortable with, for example selling, learning from peers might be more comfortable and efficient. Learning together is also a great way to bring students together as a team.

We are now halfway through Startup Experience. How has the course been so far, Gijs?

I like the concept and our project. I wish we would have even more discussions during the course.

Thank you Gijs for sharing your insights! If you feel stuck with learning, why not talk to your peers? You might be surprised about what you learn.










Startup Experience is an AVP course running twice a year, designed to help students create new businesses or even set up their own startups. During the course, students become part of a team that – in parallel to lectures – works on creating value for customers and manages their team as if it was a start-up. 

You can read more about Startup Experience here.