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A collection of thoughts, resources and findings on all things entrepreneurial, from the minds of the AVP team.

Give me liberty, and give me a salary — two stories of being self-employed

Being self-employed can be tricky, but it can also be extremely rewarding. As your own boss, you’re free to work whenever and wherever you want, and don’t answer to anyone but yourself — except maybe to your customers. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and you’ll remember that when you’re filling out forms for […]

19 Feb 2021

Alumni story: Mert Mutlu — Big dreams, bigger actions

Host My Pet is a Finnish startup that was recently acquired by GuDog. One of the founders, Mert Mutlu, is an AVP alumnus who came to Finland as an electrical engineering bachelor student and left as a successful entrepreneur. Besides his new skills, one of his biggest takeaways was his trusted team that’s already ready […]

08 Feb 2021

Of teams, dreams and SDGs — a Startup Experience story

Working with a dream team is extremely rewarding, but a bad one can turn any course into a nightmare. On a course such as Startup Experience, where teamwork is everything, the team is what defines the whole experience. This fall on the course the team Pick ‘n Play had its ups and downs, but the […]

16 Dec 2020

Don’t hate the game, fix the player

OurDebate won AVP’s challenge titled Sustain Your Mind in the Junction 2020 Connected hackathon with their app that helps people develop their discussion skills. Now, they’re planning on publishing it to a wider audience. While the final name of their app is still up for debate, their team spirit is unfaltering. If you’ve used social […]

01 Dec 2020

Sometimes doing the right thing takes more than just obeying the law

In Finland, we have this thing called limited liability companies act, which defines that the purpose of a corporation is to generate profit for its shareholders. In a hundred years, people will feel about the section in question the way we now feel about slavery in the 1800s. To be honest, having organizations whose only […]

10 Nov 2020

Creating a multidisciplinary course: Cosmetic product development and R&D management

Multidisciplinarity is one of the key elements of entrepreneurship education — anyone who wants to build a successful company must understand topics or work with people outside their own major. True multidisciplinarity, however, can be difficult to achieve. Even though Aalto is one university, the different schools still have different systems and students tend to […]

28 Oct 2020