Urban Challenge 2018


AVP is excited to introduce Urban Challenge! This week-long study trip to New York City is all about new perspectives. Bruce Oreck, the former U.S. Ambassador to Finland and a native New Yorker, will help participants learn to frame things around them in new ways – allowing them to see problems, answers, and opportunities that others are missing.

”Whatever business you’re in, whatever business you want to be in, you must learn to make it succeed in an urban environment… because that is where the people are. The urban challenge is designed to help you see that which you don’t see, even though it’s right in front of your eyes. It’s fun, it’s challenging and it will give you a whole new way to view the urban world around you, to discover unseen opportunities and to grow your self-confidence. The Urban challenge will be interactive; participatory; physical and experiential. Your classroom is on the street.” – Bruce Oreck


Where: New York City, USA
When: October 29th – November 1st
Who: all Aalto students interested in entrepreneurship, urban and business culture, people willing to get out of their comfort zone
Flights and accommodations covered by AVP
2 credits, pass / fail (mandatory pre- / post- assignment)
Application deadline: September 12th, 2018




How to participate

This trip is limited to 15 people at most; participants will be chosen based on your motivational letter, CV, and an in-person interview. To apply, fill up the application form: HERE

Students are expected to pay for food and local transportation in the U.S. Additionally, participants are expected to handle their visa application process individually, which includes a small fee. Please note that due to the limited time before the event, participants must be eligible for the U.S.  ESTA Program (https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/) and Visa Waiver Program (https://www.ustraveldocs.com/fi/fi-niv-visawaiverinfo.asp), or must have a valid Visa for the U.S.


Experience from previous participants

I believe the biggest thing I learned during our trip is that I’m much more capable, brave and talented than I previously thought.”
– Sarianna Niskala, Aalto ARTS

For me this is definitely the best “academic” experience that I got during my studies at Aalto University.
– Aleksandr Fedorov, Aalto SCI


Urban Challenge has previously included…

Urban Discovery
– led by Bruce Oreck

Brooklyn Brewery
– discussion with the founder

Reaktor NYC
– pizza and beer with the head of NYC office

American Chamber of Commerce (Amcham)
– evening with Managing Director with the view of Empire State building

Facebook NYC
– discovering what is happening behind-the-scenes

Finnish ambassador’s residence
– cocktail party at 5th avenue




Activities are different every year UC is organized, this year will be even cooler!

Questions? markus.kirjonen@aalto.fi