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Education is important but so is putting what you’ve learned into practice. With an entrepreneurial mindset, the right tools, and by working together, we can change the world. Time to get those hands dirty.

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The big problems facing our planet today — such as climate change, poverty, and inequality — are complex and severe, but they’re not unsolvable. Some of the best tools for solving big, complex problems are — and always have been — education, science, and research. They help us uncover new solutions, reach new frontiers, and see what was previously unseen.

However, even the most revolutionary new solutions won’t make much of an impact if they never leave the classroom or lab where they were developed. But they don’t have to stay there — we can help you take them out into the real world.

You don’t even need to have an idea or a team yet, we’ll help with both. What you need to have is an entrepreneurial mindset, and a strong urge to use it for making a positive change. If you feel like you could use a bit more experience and knowledge about entrepreneurship, let us teach you first.

When you’re ready, step right in. Take what you know, form a team, and build something that makes you proud and the world better. We’ll give you wings — all you have to do is fly.

What we offer

Impact Studio

To make a world-changing impact, you need a team, an idea, and you need to validate it quickly. Impact Studio will take you through all the steps necessary to verify whether your idea has the potential to become a sustainable business, scale up and make the world a slightly better place.

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Solve the SDGs

Solve the SDGs is an annual hackathon by AVP and Junction where we focus on building a better future by creating solutions for reaching the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. It’s a hackathon for people, who want to make a difference. For people, who don’t want to watch the world burn, but to save it.

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Aurora Study Trips

Aurora is a study trip program for helping Aalto students understand the world better. Our students travel to global destinations beyond just Silicon Valley and become a part of our Aurora Network, where they share their learnings with fellow students. Is it your time to shine?

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I got both confidence and practical skills at AVP. Entrepreneurship is no longer something I fear, but something I could do straight away.

Sampson Tetteh, doctoral student at Aalto University
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