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Welcome to learn about entrepreneurship!

In this course you will learn the basics of setting up a small business of your own. You will follow a budding entrepreneur – Veera – on her path towards setting up her own business. Will Veera succeed or not? You will find out at the end of the course!

The course is divided into 9 sessions. In each session, you will meet Veera and she will talk about what she has been doing and what challenges or questions she is facing. The course instructors, Lidia and Håkan, will then suggest how Veera could proceed in each situation. After the suggestion videos, there will be a couple of short lessons introducing key topics related to the session.

You also need to answer some quizzes and questions to complete each session. Note that for multiple choice questions, there can be more than one correct answer!

At the end of each session, there will also be links to additional material for those who want to explore the subject more deeply.

DISCLAIMER: Any similarity to any existing businesses or persons is purely accidental.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 9 modules of about 15 minutes each

Difficulty: Beginner

Course Instructors

Håkan Mitts Håkan Mitts Instructor
Lidia Borisova Lidia Borisova Instructor

Aalto students and staff


Course is available to user with an email.



User research

Analyze your user data

Managing risk


Business estimates


Building business resilience

Starting the operational phase

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