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From Lab to Market

From Lab to Market: Pitch perfectly — prepare for big events

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Learn to communicate your business idea and research impact! At this From Lab to Market event, you’ll find out how excellent presentations are made and get valuable tips for pitching better than ever before. You’ll hear more about the investor mindset and learn how to prepare for big events like Slush or Arctic15, and how to get as much value from them as possible.

From Lab to Market events include the possibility to exchange thoughts at roundtables over a cup of coffee. Share ideas with other startups and researchers, and build your network across disciplines and organizations.

The From Lab to Market event series is organized by Aalto Ventures Program, VTT LaunchpadAalto Startup Center and Aalto Innovation Services in collaboration with Helsinki Think Company.

Meet the speakers

Rasmus Basilier

Commercialization Specialist and Business Coach

Rasmus is an active conference-goer and takes time spent away from home very seriously. Going to a conference should generate new business opportunities and strengthen old ones, otherwise, it's mostly a waste of time. He is also involved in commercializing innovations at VTT and running the sales accelerator Euro Scalers.

Tarek Omran

Co-founder of Science Pitchers

Tarek is a hybrid between an international communication trainer and an enthusiastic academic with a Ph.D. degree. He co-founded an innovation commercialization initiative Science Pitchers, where he and his team have helped train over 1000 research-oriented entrepreneurs and innovators to communicate their ideas to the world.

Kasper Suomalainen

Investment Manager at Superhero Capital

Kasper Suomalainen is an Investment Manager at Superhero Capital, an early-stage VC investing in insight-driven startups in Finland and the Baltics. He is in charge of dealflow for the fund, and typically helps portfolio companies with communication and finding the why.

If you have two great products, the investor will always lean to the one that is more meaningful.

Tarek Omran, Co-founder of Science Pitchers