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Good Life Engine: Making and breaking habits

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What are habits and why do we have them? What is the alternative to habitual responding? Why and when should habits be broken? How might stress and emotions affect our brain and behavior?

Habits and habitual skills can be your greatest assets in professional and personal life, but in many situations, they also act as barriers to optimal performance and accessing your full potential.

In this session, we dive into the neuroscience of habitual and adaptive behaviors with Jaakko Kopra. We will discuss executive functions, self-development, leadership, stress, and emotions.

Jaakko Kopra has a background in biomedicine, pharmacology, and neuroscience. He is a former research scientist and currently works at the pharmaceutical company AbbVie as a Medical Advisor. He holds a Ph.D. and a docentship in pharmacology from the University of Helsinki, and an MBA from Aalto EE.


Good Life Engine is an AVP course that helps you develop habits and routines for a better life. The monthly workshops are open to all and free to attend.