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How to facilitate diversity & inclusion in project courses

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Diversity is often justified by minority rights. In a just world, everyone would have equal opportunities and rights when it comes to for example studying or finding a job, regardless of gender, skin colour, nationality, ethnicity or religion. Diversity, however, is not only an important feminist-humanitarian ideology — it’s also the smartest way to build superbly functioning teams.  

For creative thinking and working diversity is a necessity in today’s career world for our students, and often project-based courses with high focus on teamwork are the best place for students to practice skills required in this matter. However, sometimes it is a struggle for teachers to enforce and facilitate diversity and inclusion. That is why Aalto Ventures Program is organising this session by Ekvalita on how to facilitate diversity and inclusion in project courses.  

Details of the program will be updated at the beginning of January 2021. The event is open to all Aalto educators, yet the seats are limited. Please register asap to reserve your seat. Registration is open until January 15th, however, it will be closed as soon as seats are filled. 

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For more reading on why diversity and inclusion are the magic sauce of high-performing teams: https://avp.aalto.fi/diversity-the-secret-sauce-of-high-performing-teams/