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How to tackle anxiety

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Anxiety before an exam or a job interview can be perfectly normal. However, many of us are anxious too often, or even all the time. It’s a common and often debilitating condition that affects millions of people worldwide. 

If you never seem to have time for your actual important tasks, often find yourself mindlessly scrolling social media, or commonly lose yourself in self-pitying thoughts, you might be a member of the chronic anxiety club. Not a club you want to be in. 

It’s possible to overcome anxiety by changing your perception, increasing physical activity and making small changes in your everyday routines. This session will present different methods and help you to avoid or, at least, decrease anxiety. There is also a productive form of anxiety or stress that we will uncover. 


This event is part of the Aalto Wellbeing Week 2023 program. Read more about the week and find more events here (log in required).

Meet the instructors:

Lidia Rauramo

Lidia is an AVP teacher, author of the Aalto-wide Good Life Engine course and Self-Leadership summer course, executive coach and speaker. Lidia understands better than most that self-improvement is not a miracle — it results from small daily practices and decisions that require more than just patience. During the well-being week, Lidia will run two workshops: ‘Reconnect with your body’ and ‘How to tackle anxiety.’