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How to write a book?

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A book is a great way to express your thinking, whether it’s a fictitious account of something you care about or a non-fiction book based on your expertise.

Join this event, to learn what writing a book requires, what are good practices to engage in when thinking about writing your own book as well as concrete tools that will help shape your ideas up into a coherent whole.

We’ll discuss collecting ideas, how to tackle writer’s block and how to properly engage with other people, including your potential readers, when asking for critique. The session will give you an understanding of tools you can use to write a scientific book, a story or even a longer scientific thesis.


The session is run by Lauri Järvilehto, a philosophical investigator, a metaphysical explorer and a Sherlock Holmes fan. Lauri is the author of seven non-fiction books, including three Finnish bestsellers on thinking, well-being and creativity.

Lauri is a passionate researcher always looking for new avenues of inquiry regarding how human beings function and how to add to their well-being. He is also the Co-director of Aalto Ventures Program and the founder of Filosofian Akatemia, a successful research and training company.