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Norm creative actions – Re-constructing the educational environment

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Diversity is often justified by minority rights. In a just world, everyone would have equal opportunities and rights when it comes to for example studying or finding a job, regardless of gender, skin colour, nationality, ethnicity or religion. Diversity, however, is not only an important feminist-humanitarian ideology — but it’s also the smartest way to build superbly functioning teams.

For creative thinking and working diversity is a necessity in today’s career world for our students, and often courses with high focus on teamwork are the best place for students to practice skills required in this matter. However, sometimes it is a struggle for teachers to enforce and facilitate diversity and inclusion. That is why Aalto Ventures Program is organising two training sessions by Ekvalita on how to facilitate diversity and inclusion in project courses.

The overall purpose of the sessions is to support more inclusive pedagogical and didactic skills for teachers in their everyday work.


Session #2: Norm creative actions – Re-constructing the educational environment

In connection to our first training on diversity and inclusion on 22nd of January, Aalto Ventures Program organises the second D&I session for Aalto University educators on 12th of February. You are welcome to join the second session even though you’ve missed the first one!

The aim of the second session is to give participants knowledge and tools for a critical analysis of educational subjects and educational environments.

This training deepens the understanding of diversity and inclusion – particularly the connection between this and representation and messages in text and pictures in the educational materials and environments. The participants will be introduced to tools to analyse and re-construct material for more inclusion. The session includes interactive discussions and a poll for reflection.

Program agenda:

-Reflection on the task from the first session
-Theory: Norm critical pedagogy
-What? Diversity and inclusion in text, picture and environment
-How? Consequences of exclusion or inclusion
-Checklist: Promoting gender equality and diversity in educational environments


Meet the trainer

Malin Gustavsson, MA, B. Soc. Sc and CEO for Ekvalita, has facilitated workshops, courses and developed material connected to Diversity and Inclusion since 2006. Her long experiences of working in educational environments have given her particular expertise in how to integrate diversity and inclusion in education material, educational activities and classroom situation. She has produced two books and a range of material in Swedish on diversity and inclusion for educational environments in Finland.



The event is open to all Aalto educators, yet the seats are limited. Registration begins on Friday 22.1. at 10 am and is open until February 8th 11.45 pm, however, it will be closed as soon as seats are filled. Limit of participants is 25-30 people.

The link to the platform will be shared with participants via email once registration has been ended.

Register here.