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Startup Experience Demo Day

Event info

Join us at the Demo Day for the Startup Experience course! Over the past 3 months, students have been working diligently on idea validation and concept design. This event showcases their effort, highlighting prototypes developed with an emphasis on creating a meaningful impact.

What to Expect?

o   Prototypes: View prototypes designed by students, reflecting their learnings and insights.

o   Focus on Impact: The projects are centered around creating a positive societal and environmental change.

o   Interactive Sessions: Engage with budding entrepreneurs and understand their journey and projects.

About Startup Experience

Offered by the Aalto Ventures Program, the Startup Experience is a unique course that:

o   Prioritizes Hands-on Learning: Students delve into the practical aspects of entrepreneurship, stepping beyond traditional classroom methods.

o   Develops an Entrepreneurial Mindset: It encourages students to think adaptively and navigate real-world challenges.

o   Offers Recognition: Completing the course earns participants 9 ECTs from the Aalto Ventures Program.

Who Should Attend?

Students, startup enthusiasts, accelerator members, or anyone keen on understanding early-stage, impact-focused startups. Come and get a glimpse into the future of entrepreneurship education.
Registration is not required. Come and visit us at K3 at the time of the Demo Day and speak to our students about their projects.