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Thought Leader’s Talk by Edward Blomstedt

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From a tank factory in Siberia to digitalizing the manufacturing industry — AirFaas is quickly becoming a revolution.
FaaS, or Factory as a Service, is a new way for factories to reach new customers globally and grow with them. In times of trade wars, Covid-19 and global warming supply chains are becoming even more crucial for companies’ survival.

Tomorrow’s focus, when production moves closer to end markets, will be on smart solutions. All inefficiencies in production and economy will disappear. Those who sit and wait for things to get back to normal will lose, regardless of industry.

The CEO of AirFaas, Edward Blomstedt has led the development of the company since its start. Edward builds the supply chains that optimize Customer Value, leads marketing and takes the FaaS concept further. He was also voted Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 in Finland.

Join us to hear Edward share the story of AirFaas — how the company started from the tank factories of Siberia, went through a hard spin-off and how it quickly became a modern digitalized service for producing and manufacturing goods!


TLT is a series of keynote speeches with prominent entrepreneurial leaders. The events are open for all and free to attend.