*Stock investing masterclass final (part 4)*

Valuation: Different ways to form view of value, bold and the beautiful of key ratios

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Are you interested in investing? And especially in investing in stocks? Do you know how to invest in stocks, know how and where to start?

AVP Masterclass, How To Invest In Stocks, provides useful information about the exchange of shares and stocks. It will provide concrete examples on how to start investing and how to make investment decisions. If you are already familiar with this, you will also get more advanced tips and deeper knowledge on the subject matter.

‘How to Invest in Stocks’ lecture series are divided as follows:

I) Setting the scene: Basics, market history and reasons to invest (25.10., 6pm)

II) Investing in practice: How to find information, basics of balance sheet (1.11., 6pm)

III) Wheat from the chaff: Quality and bankrupt companies, basics of income and cash flow statement (15.11., 6pm)

IV) Valuation: Different ways to form view of value, bold and the beautiful of key ratios (22.11., 6pm)

Our idea is that investing should be meaningful and interesting hobby for everyone, and especially it should be possible for everyone.

Join us even though you don’t see any difference between Wall Street and Vallisaari, even if you are already turning into the next Warren Buffet. This is to place to share your thoughts with other people who are also interested in investing!

WHAT: AVP Masterclass – How To Invest In Stocks
WHEN: 6pm-8pm, 22.11.2017
WHERE:AS1, Maarintie 8, TUAS-Building 1st floor
WHOM: Everyone interested in investing in stocks

ATTENTION, pressing Facebook as attending is not enough, please register here: https://floud.com/e/KRG6

Ps. note that the time for masterclass is 6pm!