How to network efficiently? What you should know about networking? Do’s and Don’ts in professional networking?

Join us to AVP Masterclass by Joppe Quaedvlieg to get answers to these questions and know more about professional networking!

This Masterclass prepares you for networking and helps you to clear your story. You will also learn professional networking skills. After the session, your networking skills will be more effective and time-saving. With these skills, you are able to exponentially increase the chances to grow your network and communicate with buyers, sellers and partners.

Joppe Quaedvlieg has nine years of experience as a sociotherapist in the Netherlands and has developed his Masterclass on networking. He has a real life experience on creating network; he came to Finland for a beautiful Finnish woman without knowing anyone else than her. He created a vast network of friends in Helsinki and an even bigger network in the startup world. Currently, he is working for ArcticStartup as the Chief of Happiness.

Join the event and learn the tools to network more efficiently!

WHAT: AVP Masterclass – How to Network Efficiently
WHEN: 05.12, 1pm – 3pm
WHERE: AVP Space, TUAS-building 2nd-floor, Maarintie 8
WHOM: Everyone interested in entrepreneurship and networking