The second AVP Open Lunch is here!

AVP Open Lunches gather people from the Aalto startup ecosystem and students together while offering a break from studies with a great food and company.

Lunches are powered by and delicious food is delivered by Epic Foods. This time we will also get visitors from If you are interested to hear who they are and what they actually do, now you have an unique chance to network with Smartlies.

Limited seats so act NOW! We prioritise students and time when person has registered.


There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch but AVP Open Lunch!

WHAT: AVP Open Lunch
WHEN: 27.4, 12pm – 1pm
WHERE: AVP Space, TUAS-building 2nd floor, Maarintie 8
WHOM: Primarily for Aalto students and people from Aalto startup ecosystem