How to start business from scratch? What are the possibilities and challenges when building a business with your best friends? How to find the best team from your network?

It was 2004, Passion Bar’s terrace and three good friends who had been in the army together, Lucas Geisler, Heikki Karimaa and Tomas Valkama. Since all of them were students at the time, the standard of living was moderate and study grants quaranteed some income. It was an excellent time to take some risks. They decided to start a company with the aim of employing not just themselves, but also other students and newly-qualified youngsters.

A lot has happened since then. Studentwork is now Finland’s leading recruitment and employment agency, specialising in young, highly-qualified workers. They have local branches in all the Nordic countries with turnover over 30 million euros and they have employed over 6,000 people.

Come to our TLT session with Studentwork to hear the insights on building a business with your buddies and the entrepreneurial journey they have to share with the audience.

Pizza and drinks available. Startup Sauna on 25th of January, the place to be!