How to balance the interests of a company’s many stakeholders? What are the best practices of company governance from entrepreneurs point of view?
Company Governance is a theme you cannot learn from books. It is the system of rules, practices and processes by which a company is directed and controlled. It is extremely important for entrepreneurs to understand the roles of stakeholders and how to manage the relationships with board and investors.
Stefano Mosconi, a serial entrepreneur and consultant, having worked with Nokia and cofounded Jolla heading the R&D Department, will share his practical insights regarding the topic from the entrepreneurial perspective.
Join us at AVP Space!
WHAT: AVP Wednesday Workshop – Guide Into Company Governance
WHEN: 26.4, 1pm – 3pm
WHERE: AVP Space, TUAS-building 2nd floor, Maarintie 8
WHOM: Everyone interested in entrepreneurship and company governance