Why does company culture matter and how does it enable sales? How to keep company culture strong while business is scaling up?

Samuli Rantala will join us to this fall’s first Wednesday Workshop and provide answers for you!

Startups today are talking about amazing company cultures but how many of those actually have it? Samuli helps companies to grow quickly and build organizations everybody wants to work with. He has a strong career of taking software and service businesses from small to global scale.

Samuli will take a surprise guest with him to the workshop! The surprise guest will share his experiences and knowledge of building inspiring company cultures. See you at AVP office!

WHAT: AVP Wednesday Workshop – How Culture Impacts on Sales?
WHEN: 20.9, 1pm – 3pm
WHERE: AVP Space, TUAS-building 2nd floor, Maarintie 8
WHOM: Everyone interested in entrepreneurship and company culture